Saving Today to Afford Retirement Tomorrow
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Most public employees will need to supplement their pension benefits with retirement savings—a goal best achieved through a systematic, tax-advantaged plan like MaineSTART.

Help employees become successful savers, without having to be investment professionals.

Saving is Key to a Secure Future

The key to successful savings

MainePERS is devoted to providing exceptional retirement plans for participants and their employers, so we are pleased to offer MaineSTART, our 401(a) and 457 Defined Contribution (DC) plans. The 457 plan offers Traditional (pre-tax) and Roth (after tax) accounts. MaineSTART focuses on the elements that we believe are most important to a defined contribution plan for your employees: simplicity, convenience, and high-quality, low-cost investment funds providing proper investment diversification. Our shared mission with you is to educate employees in how to become successful savers, without having to be investment professionals, and to realize the value of the retirement programs you offer them.

A partner

We’re here to answer your questions

For employers, too, there’s comfort in knowing that your plan contact is right here at MainePERS, with contributions and reporting to the same place that you use for pension plan contributions and group life insurance premiums.

Contact: Gary Emery, DC Plan Administrator
Phone: (207) 512-3116