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Our shared mission with you is to educate employees in how to become successful savers, without having to be investment professionals.

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Retirement may seem like a long way off, but it is much closer than you think. Start saving today for a more comfortable and secure future.

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Deferred Compensation Program Now Available to Public School Teachers with Participating Employers

MaineSTART is now available to Public School Teachers with participating employers.  This program provides teachers with an opportunity to participate in another MainePERS offered retirement savings plan.  MaineSTART offers tax advantaged retirement savings plans. These voluntary programs can help eligible public school teachers supplement their retirement. MaineSTART offers both Traditional (pre-tax) and Roth (after-tax) accounts.  In you are a public school interested in offering this benefit to your employees, please contact Gary Emery at (207) 512-3116 or to explore adding the MaineSTART programs to your benefit offerings.


Be Aware of Marketing Contacts Referencing MainePERS

Some members approaching retirement age have received emails at work that mention MainePERS and offer to help with retirement benefits. Recently they have come from the email address and say at the bottom of the email that they are from Fed Resource of San Diego, CA. Please know that these emails have no association with MainePERS, and MainePERS neither works with the firms sending these emails nor endorses them. These sort of contacts typically come from business organizations that seek to make money by providing services to you or referring you to another business for a fee from that business.

We can answer any questions about the retirement benefits MainePERS administers for you.

MaineSTART brochureDownload the MaineSTART Brochure

The MaineSTART brochure helps explain the types of retirement plans and provides education on why saving early is to your benefit.

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Take the First Steps

step 1Define your long term goals.

Having a picture of where you want to be when you retire is the first step to getting there.

Step 2Assess your financial situation.

Once you have an idea of what you want for the future, take a good look at your financial outlook. Are you investing in the future now? How much can you afford to put away?

Step 3START today!

Make that step towards saving more for your retirement. Start by signing-up with MaineSTART today!